DPI depends on the time, energy, and hard work of our volunteers to plan, organize and deliver our programs and services. Thank you to all of our DPI Committee members.  Do you have energy, enthusiasm and creative and innovative ideas? Do you consider yourself to be "social", enjoy liaising and like networking with others? If so, perhaps volunteering with DPI is for you! If you are already a DPI member and interested in volunteering, fill out the Volunteer Form.

Committee Members

Committee Activities

Program Committee


Pam Sully, SSC
Huguette Elten, CRA
Asmaa Barakat, SSC
Michel Comier, PWGSC
Louise de Cal, CRA
Michael Francis, CSC
Andy Ladouceur, ESDC
Krista Nangle, CIC

The Program Committee is responsible for selecting seminars and workshops for the PDW event program that are in line with our theme.  Committee members also have the opportunity to get involved in other program related activities including but not limited to tracking session feedback, creating / revising documents required for PDW events, and being a speaker buddy during PDW. If you would like to contribute to the Program Committee, you can contact us at

Membership Services Committee


Janet MacQueen, PSC
Christine Brunke, ESDC
Departmental Representatives (complete list)

Responsible for coordinating and communicating all activities with departmental representatives on behalf of the association and maintaining the membership program.

Sponsorship Committee


Laura Simpson, TBS
Allan Kwan, TBS

Our primary goal is to obtain sponsorship and manage the sponsorship requirements for the annual Professional Development Week (PDW) event. Our sponsors provide us with the opportunity to offer our delegates the highest quality of professional development.

If you would like more information about the Sponsorship Committee, please contact

Communications Committee


Greg McGillis, SSC
Mary Couse, SSC

The Communication Committee is responsible for preparing, reviewing and translating all external communication on behalf of the Association and for managing the content of the web site on behalf of the Association.

If you would like more information about the Communications Committee, please contact

Marketing & Web Committee


Stéphane Levesque, TC
Rick Karir, PWGSC
Sue Kemp, TBS

The Marketing Committee is responsible for ensuring that a high quality and consistant image of the Association is always presented. 

Throughout the year, the Marketing Committee develops print and web-based products to support the Association. This includes developing supporting materials for the Professional Development Week (PDW) such as Posters, PDW Guide and other materials for distribution either in print or via our Web site. This includes designing and developing generic materials for DPI including advertising and other marketing documentation. If you have a flair for the creative, enjoy writing and seeing a vision go from concept to delivery, please contact the Marketing Director at and see if this is the committee for your skills and interests.

Logistics Committee


Jean Marcil, CRA
Paul Migneault, CRA

In a nutshell, Logistics ensures that attendees at all DPI events have a nice place to meet, a comfortable seat and good food to eat.

The Logistics Committee is responsible for overall facilities requirements, food and beverages, security, and for the smooth flow of DPI events. Working in a behind-the-scenes capacity and involving the integration and coordination of various DPI portfolios and external suppliers, Logistics is a key element in the success of DPI activities. Starting, in fact, years before the actual event date, Logistics is negotiating site options and booking venues for planned DPI events. As an event approaches, Logistics is hard at work planning room layouts and seating capacities, arranging for meals and beverages, and coordinating with other portfolios within DPI for the seamless delivery of services and comfort throughout.

For further information on the Logistics Committee, please send a note to

Technology Services Committee


Danny Low, RCMP
Keith Warnick, CBSA

The Technology Services committee is responsible for all aspects of technological requirements and support for all various DPI events, such as the Professional Development Week, our monthly seminars or ad-hoc workshops and presentations. Our committee is also responsible for the administration of our Internet Service Provider account, email, and usage analysis.

If you wish to be part of our team or contribute to the Technology Services committee, please contact us at

Support Services Committee


Dan Sylvestre-Morin , NRCan
Inaana Abboud, DFATD

The Support Services Committee is responsible for providing and managing a cadre of volunteers to support both the seminar series and Professional Development Week (PDW). If you like to meet new people and help others, this committee is for you! It will also give you the opportunity to work on your behavioural competencies. For further information, please contact