Departmental Representatives

IM/IT professionals in the Canadian public sector (federal, provincial or municipal) have the opportunity to volunteer or nominate another member as their DPI departmental representative. In some instances, because of the size of a department, mandate, or interest, organizations may choose to nominate more than one representative to this role. Special meetings of departmental representatives are held up to four times per year to brief representatives about ongoing DPI activities.

Role of the DPI Departmental Representatives

Summary of Duties:
The primary role of the DPI Departmental Representatives is to act as DPI Ambassadors at all times.

Details of Representative’s responsibilities:

  1. Open and use the communication channel between DPI and the public service organization that they represent.
  2. Bring forward, through the membership, current subjects and issues discussed within their organization that fit with the material DPI is offering. These subjects should result in the development of DPI workshops and seminars appropriate to the audiences. These subjects must also fall into the realm of DPI's mandate.
  3. Attend meetings as often as possible; send an alternate if unable to attend.
  4. Stay current with DPI activities on the DPI Website and promote it to the public service organization that they represent.
  5. Perform as valued partners of the DPI Board of Directors and as proponents of DPI at all times.
  6. Post, announce, forward, distribute, and communicate the DPI mandate and DPI event marketing information to current and potential DPI members within their organization.
  7. Provide verification of employee status on new membership applicants within their organization, as required and requested via email.
  8. Promote DPI membership and recruit new DPI members through their organization or when volunteering for booth duty as requested throughout the year.
  9. Volunteer on occasion to assist with the membership activities during events such as PDW.

Representatives per Department:
Several representatives may be selected to address the distribution requirements of larger organizations. The goal of DPI is to have representation spread throughout the municipal, federal and institutional departments in the National Capital Region and eventually expand.

Who are DPI Departmental Representatives?
Information and technology professionals of the Public Sector and DPI Members, who

  • are involved in the evolution of IM/IT in the public sector
  • thrive on capturing and exchanging information
  • build and enhance best practices
  • take charge of their own professional and career development.

Why should you consider becoming a DPI Departmental Representative for your Organization?

  • to expand your networking and career horizons
  • to communicate directly with people from all levels of government
  • to meet with DPI’s sponsors, partners and friends in a professional development arena
  • to be on the leading edge of DPI activities
  • to contribute to something important, to make a difference in the public sector
  • to raise awareness to members in our respective organizations regarding the scheduled DPI seminars and events, and to encourage attendance and participation
  • to provide input and assist the management team in making decisions regarding upcoming seminars and PDW themes
  • to liaise with members and DPI management team in order to improve our service offerings

If you are interested in being a departmental representative and are already a DPI member, please fill out a Volunteer Form.

DPI Membership Services Director’s Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for all committees and their activities,
  • Chairs the meetings and prepares the agenda.
  • Organize out of town activities, plan participation in all activities to allow the opportunity to promote DPI, as approved by the Board of Directors
  • Plan, promote and organize the “Bring Your CIO to Breakfast”, in association with the Board of Directors.
  • Supply the DPI website with all relevant information for the reps in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that Reps are made aware of any and all information important or relevant to DPI and the activities they approve or do not approve.