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Already, over 4,000 public sector IM/IT professionals are engaged in a thriving network dedicated to improving themselves and the sector. Become part of this vibrant and expanding community intent on achieving personal bests and developing team work, leadership and innovation skills.

Get Engaged in DPI and;

  • take charge of your career and discover new ways of reaching your own personal best;
  • engage with your professional network and open doors to greater knowledge, skills, career progression and other networking opportunities
  • give back to the community by sharing ideas;
  • create opportunities for coaching and mentoring by some of the brightest minds in the industry, both public and private;
  • stay current on trends and issues within this ever changing industry, while planning for the future;
  • gain personal satisfaction, greater recognition, visibility, and networking on a more personalized level by volunteering
  • connect with other professionals through strong partnerships with other organizations
  • There are also many ways to get involved in the association either by just becoming a member and taking part in one of our many free seminars, helping to organize one of these seminars by volunteering with the association or by spreading the word about DPI to the larger IM/IT community.  The strength and power of DPI flows from an interested and involved membership. Much of our success is the result of members tapping the collective resources of talent, training and experience within our existing membership. We invite you to be involved in this partnership of professional support.

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