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Departmental Representatives

The Departmental Representatives are affiliates within a Department or Agency who have been appointed by the Director of the Affiliate Services portfolio to represent DPI within their organizations while representing their organization within DPI.  In some instances, because of the size of a department, mandate, or interest, organizations may have more than one representative in this role. Special meetings of Departmental Representatives are held up to four times per year to brief representatives about ongoing DPI activities.

Role of the DPI Departmental Representatives

The Departmental Representatives play a key role in the delivery of all planned DPI related activities within their specific departments or agency.  Reporting to the Affiliate Services Director, Departmental Representatives work closely with their Departments / Agencies in growing the DPI affiliation, mandate, outreach, awareness and event participation.  Departmental Representatives are to be the “micro-DPI” within their own organizations.

Summary of Duties:

The Departmental Representatives play a key role in the delivery of all planned DPI related activities within their specific Departments or Agency.  

Details of Representative’s responsibilities:

  • Bring DPI awareness and market DPI to their organization, senior management, CS community and beyond (AS, PM, etc.)
  • Promote and grow affiliate representation within the organization
  • Establish open two-way communication with the organization’s CIO
  • Ensure CIOs are invited to events and encourage their participation at CIO related DPI events
  • Inform departmental affiliates of DPI activities and promote monthly seminars and PDW at departmental management table
  • Seek DPI related feedback from affiliates
  • Organize promotional events and activities within the organization (TV rotational banner on entrances, posters in common areas, newsletters, luncheons, affiliation drives, after work events, etc.)
  • Attend DPI events, activities and Departmental Representative meetings (or ensure representation, when unavailable)
  • Become involved in the PDW pass purchasing process, including;
    • Identifying number of passes needed
    • Ensure Affiliate and early-registration discounts are maximized by the department
    • Provide frequent updates on the PDW pass purchasing progress to Director of Affiliate Services
  • But most importantly, have fun, contribute and make a difference in the public sector!

Why should you consider becoming a DPI Departmental Representative for your Organization?

  • Leadership development opportunities
  • Marketing and recruitment development opportunities
  • Community contribution and involvement
  • Networking opportunities
  • Opportunities to work closely and collaborate with the DPI board of directors ; the CIO and executives of your department/agency; your colleagues; and private sector colleagues
  • Opportunities to participate and/or present at various departmental events
  • Opportunities to learn and/or better understand departmental purchasing processes

Application Process

If you are interested in becoming a Departmental Representative and are already a DPI affiliate, visit our website under Departmental Representative List and complete the application form.