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Association of Public Sector Information Professionals

Developing Professionalism in Informatics

Affiliates Only Gala Dinner (Reservations Required)

Meet delegates from your organization over dinner and share an evening of community awards, recognition and light entertainment.

The evening will include presentations of the DPI Lifetime Affiliate and Fellow awards and the Chief Information Officer Council Community Awards (formerly the IM-IT Community Recognition Awards). The awards ceremony will be followed by a Keynote Presentation.

Date and Time

Thu, May 25, 2017 - 4:30 PM - Thu, May 25, 2017 - 9:00 PM

Location Details

Shaw Centre (previously Ottawa Convention Centre)
Trillium Ballroom, Fourth Floor

55 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON K1N 9J2
Tel: 613-563-1984 or 1-800-450-0077


DPI Lifetime Affiliate Award

DPI depends on the time, energy, and hard work of our volunteers to plan, organize and deliver our programs and services. There are some who stand out, who are always there, ready and willing to help wherever and whenever needed. To recognize their outstanding commitment, we award them a lifetime affiliation. A general affiliate of DPI may be designated as a Lifetime Affiliate. This designation gives public recognition to those who have contributed to the advancement of the Association of Public Sector Information Professionals through service to the Association, promotional initiatives or program delivery. To see which individuals have been honoured as a Lifetime Affiliate, click here !

DPI Fellow Award

A current or former public sector employee may be designated as a Fellow of the Association of Public Sector Information Professionals. This designation recognizes those individuals who have contributed to the advancement of IM/IT in the public sector through services to the Association. Service to the Association can be defined as supporting the Association in some manner (i.e., advocating the Association, significant sponsorship, being a member of the Association’s committees, etc.) To see which individuals have been honoured as a Fellow, click here !

Government of Canada Chief Information Officer Council Community Awards

The Chief Information Officer Council Community Awards acknowledge and honour excellence in the functional communities under the responsibility of the CIO for the Government of Canada. The awards provide an opportunity to recognize, promote and share these exemplary practices of these communities.

The awards are administered by the Treasury Board Secretariat, on behalf of the Access to Information, Information Management, Information Technology, Security and Project Management communities across the Government of Canada.

The Awards are presented in the following categories:

Excellence in Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP)

The ATIP Award recognizes an individual or group for outstanding achievement in the administration of the access to information and privacy programs in the Government of Canada.

Access to government information and protection of citizens’ personal information are part of the values that support transparency, accountability and democracy. With the increase in need for efficient delivery of services, value for dollar, and technological advance, this Award highlights and supports innovative, nimble processes that support the government’s ATIP program.

Excellence in Community Development

The award recognizes an individual or group for outstanding achievement in the area of people and community development that increases engagement, drives innovation, and improves program outcomes to build a stronger functional community and public service.

Excellence in Information Management

This award recognizes an individual or group for outstanding achievement in business enablement through the application of sound Information Management (IM) principles, policies or processes.

Excellence in Information Technology

This award recognizes an individual or group for outstanding achievement in the delivery of government programs and services through modern, secure, efficient and cost-effective IT-enabled processes and systems, supported by GC information technology principles, policies and management directives.

Excellence in Project Management

This award recognizes an individual or group for outstanding achievement in managing, governing and overseeing of IM- or IT-enabled business projects in support of departments’ and agencies’ program objectives.

An IM or IT-enabled business project is any business change activity, including programs and projects, where the use of information management or technology is critical to its success.

Excellence in Security Management

This award recognizes an individual or group for outstanding achievement in security management practices for the benefit of the organization contributing to improving the overall Government of Canada (GC) situational awareness and security posture.

The award recognizes achievement and innovation in all areas of Security, including information security, cyber security, information technology security, physical security, security screening of individuals, security awareness and training, security in contracting, workplace violence prevention, business continuity planning, security incident management and identity management.

GC CIO Leadership

This award allows the CIO to recognize overall excellence and outstanding contributions in IM or IT in the Government of Canada. This award is personally selected by the CIO for the Government of Canada.

If you are a Government of Canada employee, and would like to learn more about the Awards, including descriptions, criteria and nomination forms, visit the Chief Information Officer Council Community Awards pages on GCpedia. The nomination deadline is March 10, 2017.

If you have any questions, please email

Keynote Presentation

Laugh It Off and Bring It On

As a person whose passion is to make people laugh, Jessica Holmes’ near crippling depression impacted her family and her career. Once recovered, she re-committed her life to discovering what creates lasting balance and fulfillment. In this funny and inspiring presentation, Jessica shares her hilarious personal anecdotes (whether about being a stuttering, sunburned missionary in Venezuela, or one of the stars of a sketch comedy series), to help others reignite their spark.

She presents her insights in a funny, interactive way, that is rarely seen on stage. Audiences are motivated to set the bar higher for their personal happiness. Jessica discusses the latest discoveries in the field of positive psychology, how to turn your embarrassments into punch lines, and measurable ways to achieve greater fulfillment and happiness in work and life.

Jessica Holmes | Celebrated Comedian, Author, Mental Health Advocate

Jessica Holmes, a favourite on CBC TV’s Royal Canadian Air Farce, has brought the house down opening for giants such as Ellen DeGeneres, Russell Peters, Jerry Seinfeld, and Oprah Winfrey. Her hilarious and validating take on life’s challenges have audiences in stitches, and her unique knack for skewering celebrities (including Nikki Minaj, Liza Minelli and Celine Dion) launched her to the top of Canadian comedy. Her grace, bilingualism, and ability to react on the fly make her a natural choice as an entertainer or emcee, and she has garnered rave reviews for her wellness and motivational presentations.

As a performer, Jessica’s productions have garnered her a “Platinum Award” at The Worldfest International Film Festival; nominations for Gemini Awards; and the prestigious Tim Sims Scholarship. She is also known for her work in films, including Welcome to Mooseport, Citizen Duane, and Moonpoint. She continues perform comedy across the country, with a recent appearance on CBC’s Winnipeg Comedy Festival television special.

Jessica also devotes much time to helping others live well. In her wellness keynotes, she mixes humour with her message about the importance of de-stressing and laughing at life’s shortcomings, and speaks with intelligence and insight on her own experiences of dealing with post-partum depression, finding work-life balance, and re-igniting passion. She recently received certification as a wellness coach from San Diego’s Life Purpose Institute. Her autobiographical book, I Love Your Laugh, was published in 2010, and she’s currently working on a follow-up book about mental health.


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