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Developing Professionalism in Informatics


Schedule of Events

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K1 (English)
Getting To Success: Embracing Change, Encouraging Disruption, and Incentivizing Innovation
Michele Romanow | “Dragon”, CBC Dragons’ Den & Co-Founder Snap By Groupon

K2 (English)
Winning Body Language to Stand Out, Win Trust and Gain Credibility
Mark Bowden | Communication Expert | Performance Trainer, TRUTHPLANE®

K3 (English)
Renewing the Public Service
Michael Wernick | Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet, Government of Canada

K4 (English)
Changing My Mind
Margaret Trudeau | Celebrated Canadian, Mental Health Advocate

K5 (English)
The New Information Economy in 2017
Nikolas Badminton | Futurist

K6 (English)
Redefine Possible: Lessons for Tackling Mountains in the Corporate WorldA
Spencer West | Double Amputee, Motivational Speaker for Social Change


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S1 (English)
‘Pick me, Pick me!’: The Real Rules of Engagement
Carol Schulte | Speaker, Founder, Living Big

S2 (English)
The 5G Workplace
Bruce Langevin | Author, Speaker, Business Advisor, The Modern Leader

S3 (English)
Taking action on digital transformation
Ryan Androsoff | Senior Advisor, Digital Government Transformation, Chief Information Officer Branch, TBS
Anthony P. Sheehan | Deputy Chief Information Officer, NSERC and SSHRC

S4 (English)
Bimodal Leaders - Raising Everyone’s Game for Digital
Alvaro Mello | Research Vice President, Gartner

S5 (English)
The Seven Mortal Sins of Communication and How to Conquer Them
Norman Bowley | Principal, Purposeful Communication

S6 (English)
A case study illustrating a TBS-driven collaborative development between multiple departments using Dynamics CRM on the Shared Case Management System 
Ronald Surette | Enterprise Grant & Contribution Business Architect, RH Surette
Robert Miller | Enterprise Grant & Contribution Solution-Technical Architect, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
Chantal Périard | Enterprise Grant & Contribution Solution Lead, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Office of the Comptroller General (TBS)

S7 (English)
Awaken Your Inner Health: Eating from 9 to 5
Hélène Charlebois | Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist, HC Nutrition Inc. Consulting & Wellness

S8 (English)
Digital by Default - Client Behavior
Som Shahapurkar | Principal Scientist, FICO

S9 (French)
La confiance - un avantage crucial
Etienne Vendette CSP | Conférencier Professionnel Certifié, Motivateur, Magicom International Inc.

S10 (English)
Developing Applications That Matter: When IT Partnerships Lead to Consistent Improvements to the User Experience
Denise St. Jean| Director, IT/IM, Canada Council for the Arts (CCA)
Chris Gamberg| Manager, Business Analysis & Systems Development, Canada Council for the Arts (CCA)

S11 (English)
For the record…Transitioning to a Managed Service Solution
Debora Turner| Director – Agency Logistics and Administrative Services,Finance and Administration Branch (CRA)
Colleen Shanahan | Acting Assistant Director of the Centre of Records Expertise (CORE), CRA

S12 (English)
This Would Be Funny... If It Wasn’t Happening To Me! How To Navigate the Future With Enthusiasm & Vigor
Jody Urquhart | Motivational Speaker, Idoinspire

S13 (English)
Winning the position! A plan for competitive process success
Joel Lalonde | Communications Security Establishment (CSE)

S14 (English)
Five Top Trends Shaping The Evolution of Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration
Cheryl McKinnon | Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

S15 (French)
Le leadership, qu’est-ce que ça donne?
Jean-Pierre Ebacher | Analyste d’architecture de données, Emploi et Développement social Canada

S16 (English)
Humour Leadership
Steve Robertson | Senior Director, Shared Services Canada (SSC)

S17 (English)
CAN’T WE JUST GET ALONG?: How To Go From Conflict To Collaboration
Monique Caissie | Strategist for Recovering Doormats

S18 (English)
Technology Vision 2017: Amplify you. Technology for the people
Rodney Kelly | Senior Technology Architect, Accenture
Don Allen | Senior Manager, Digital Consulting, Accenture

S19 (English)
Thought Leaders Panel on Collaboration, Partnership & Agility
Kristin Arnold | Master Facilitator, Gateway Leadership Inc.
Panel Members TBD

S20 (English)
Smart City and Cyber Security Assurance: Ambiguity, Complexity and Change At Scale
Murray Rosenthal | Senior Policy Analyst (Security), City of Toronto

S21 (English)
Blockchain in the Public Sector: What’s the Hype?
Kevin Armstrong | Partner, Deloitte
Christina Lomazzo | Consultant, Deloitte

S22 (French)
Gérez le conflit avec confiance!
Denis Lévesque | Président, Conférencier et Coach, Solutions OptiGestion

S23 (English)
Goodbye Stress. Hello Life!
Allan Kehler | Professional Speaker, College Instructor, Counsellor, Out From the Shadows Consulting

S24 (English)
Citizen.nxt:  A vision of the citizen-powered government
Stefano Lindt | Director, Strategic Marketing, HPE

S25 (English)
Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life
Gary Summers | Owner, Gary Summers Unlimited

S26 (English)
Making the jump to IT Leadership roles – competition advice and more
Terri Lacroix| Senior Project Coordinator, Community Enablement (TBS)


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W1 (English)
Why tell a story: Engage, Inspire & Connect
Mark R Thompson | Chief Engagement Officer, McKinley Solutions

W2 (English)
The Birds – Creating Communication Connections
Joseph Sherren, CSP, HoF, FellowGSF | CEO, Gateway Leadership Inc.

W3 (English)
The Benefits of Successfully Navigating Change in the Public Sector Workplace
Scott Lesnick | President, Successful Business Solutions LLC

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