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Association of Public Sector Information Professionals

Developing Professionalism in Informatics

Session and Exit Surveys

Day 1 Sessions

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K1 - Songs & Stories
Susan Aglukark, O.C., LL.B | Award-Winning Inuk Singer/Songwriter

W1 - Managing as an Enterprise: We’re Better Together
Sarah Paquet | Executive Vice-President, Shared Services Canada

S1 - Why You Are Not a Leader - Yet
Bruce Langevin | Author and Executive Coach - The Modern

S2 - Technology Trends Facing the Government
Melanie Travers | Manager, Financial Management Consulting - Deloitte
Nazim Hussain| Senior Specialist, Analytics and Information Management - Deloitte

S3 - Invisible influence
Rhonda Sharf | Certified Speaking Professional - ON THE RIGHT TRACK – Training & Consulting Inc.

S4 - Delivering Results: Using Agile Methods to Deliver Enterprise Solutions in a Public
Sector World

Scott Erkkila | Director - Pivotal Labs Canada

S5 - Mindful Work: Increase Focus and Manage Stress 
Trish Huston | Speaker and Mindfulness Teacher

S6 - You Get What You Play For: How Game-Based Learning promises to transform
employee skills training

Scott Wright BASc., MBA, CISA | President and Chief Security Coach - Security Perspectives Inc.

S7 -  Better Communication and Collaboration Using the DiSC Behavioral Profile
Claire Sookman | Principal - Virtual Team Builders

S8 -  It’s Not You, It’s Me: There Is No Such Thing as Difficult People
Carol Schulte| Speaker - Founder of Living Big

S9 -  The Open by Default Pilot – Working Differently
Teresa D’Andrea | Senior IM Strategist - Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS)

S10 -  Insecurity in Information Technology
Tanya Janca | Application Security Evangelist

K2 -  Lessons From the Frontlines: Disruption, One Industry At A Time
Robert Stephens | Geek Squad Founder and Former CTO of Best Buy

Day 2 Sessions

Please select a session to evaluate.

K3 - A Fresh New Approach To Productivity
Chris Bailey | Productivity and Performance Expert – Bestselling Author, The Productivity Project

W2 - Playing for the #WIN 
Rob Oddi | CCMP, Certified/Registered Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® - V2R Social Media Inc.

S11 - Data Science as a Team Sport with Open Source
Sepideh Seifzadeh | Open Source Analytics Solution Engineer - IBM

S12 - I Love My Job, it’s the People I Can’t Stand!
Jody Urquhart | Motivational Speaker - Idoinspire

S13 - Leveraging Social Media for Developing IT Supervisors
David Bedard | IT Manager & Project Manager - Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

S14 - Navigating IT-enabled Change – Lessons in Collaboration and Leadership
Chris Brennan | CEO - Avenai Inc.
Lija Logan | Director – Strategic Change and Organizational Design, Export Development Canada (EDC)
Laura Matthews | Vice President, Human Resources and Communications - Innovapost
Omar Subhani | Executive Director, CARM Project, Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA)

S15 - TBC
Andrew Goddard | Agile Coach, CGI

S16 - THE POWER WITHIN – Harnessing Your Subconscious Mind
Gary Summers | Owner - Gary Summers Unlimited

S17 -  L’intelligence émotionnelle au cœur du leadership collectif
Pierrette Desrosiers | Pierrette Desrosiers Psycoaching

S18 -  Achieving Performance, Security and Compliancy in the Digital Era
Sanjeevan Srikrishnan | Senior Global Solutions Architect, Equinix

S19 -  The Art and Science of Business Architecture in A Customer Driven Era
Dr. Gordon Barnett ACCA | Principal Analyst - Forrester Research Inc.

S20 -  Relieving Work Related Stress with Humour
Judy Croon | Motivational Speaker / Comedian

K4 - The Road to Digital 
Alex Benay | Chief Information Officer of the Government of Canada

Day 3 Sessions

Please select a session to evaluate.

K5 - Empowering Sustainable Innovation: Ideas for Creating a Data-Driven Organization
Avinash Kaushik | Web Analytics Master - Google

W3 - The Geometry of Change, Conflict & Challenge: Shaping Individual and Collective

Dale Allen and Trevor Stevenson| The Leadership Group

S21 - Scrum Development: Breaking the business and IT silos for a more intelligent way
to deliver results

Tarek Houssari | Business Solutions Development - Elections Canada

S22 - Using KPIs to put the Citizen at the Heart of Digital Government
Bill Finnerty | Research Director - Gartner

S23 - Générer l’engagement
Stéphane Simard | Conférencier professionnel certifié - Viséo Solutions en management inc.

S24 -From “You and Me” to “Us and We” (a.k.a., having a seat at the table)
Marion Grobb Finkelstein | Workplace Communication Consultant - MarionSpeaks

S25 - Collective Intelligence: A World View From an International Panel
Frank Leyman (Belgium) | Federal Public Service for Information and Communication Technology (FEDICT)
Cheow Hoe Chan (Singapore) | Deputy Chief Executive and Government Chief Information Officer of the
Government Technology Agency (GovTech)
Sarah Paquet (Canada) | Executive Vice-President, Shared Services Canada (SSC)
Peter Littlefield (Moderator) (Canada) | Chief Information Officer, Employment and Social Development
Canada (ESDC)

S26 - Incarnez le changement
Robert Savoie |Conférencier-Auteur-Animateur - Centre du mieux-être Robert Savoie

K6 - You're a Hurdler, You Just Don't Know It
Perdita Felicien | Canadian World Champion Hurdler & Two-Time Olympian

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