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Association of Public Sector Information Professionals

Developing Professionalism in Informatics


Over the years, Professional Development Week (PDW) has continued to exceed expectations as each year about 1,300 information management and information technology professionals participate. Workshops, keynotes, and seminars are aimed at providing insight into the management, technologies, and the people side of IM and IT.

DPI is very appreciative of the enabling role that our sponsors play in allowing us the opportunity to provide our delegates with ongoing high quality professional development throughout the year. PDW offers our delegates an excellent blend of technology and management sessions coupled with superb social events.

PDW sponsors would be hard pressed to find a comparable vehicle to participate in while improving their visibility and name recognition across government.

PDW 2017 Sponsors

Sponsorship Information Package

If you have any questions regarding sponsorship, please contact Spartacus Penev, at 613-277-8678 or by email at

“Shaped by interactions with commercial enterprise, citizens have come to expect the same level of customer experience with the public sector.

This is changing the way public services are planned, architected and delivered, and puts a greater emphasis on the client experience than ever before.

Adobe enables transformation with its software and managed services to help drive a new wave of experience-led government.

As the Elite Sponsor for PD Week 2017, we are excited to share our thoughts about delivering digital experiences that matter, and learn from our customers, colleagues and the industry at PD Week 2017 about what matters to them.”

~ Prakash Amirtharaj,
   Vice President Public Sector,
   Adobe Systems Canada

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise was created to help you accelerate faster.  We are excited to support you in transforming to deliver government services that exceed today’s citizen expectations, and outperform against your mandates. 

It is our pleasure to be the Executive Sponsor of Professional Development Week 2017!  HPE has consistently supported DPI and Professional Development Week as a key investment in transforming government, and enriching the learning of public service. 

Congratulations to the hard-working Government volunteers, DPI Executive and all participants on another success!”

~ Dave Buchanan
   Regional Director
   Ontario and the Atlantic Canada
   Hewlett Packard Enterprise